House Renovations

It’s often difficult to find that perfect street, or the perfect neighbourhood, so when your happy with the area you live in, sometimes the best choice is to renovate your existing home. Renovations can include anything from a new bathroom or kitchen to an addition and renovation of your existing home.

At Donato Homes, we pride ourselves on being able to assist in the planning stage of your renovation to help make your dreams come true. We work with you through the entire build process to ensure we deliver your project on time and on budget.

Working With You Not Against You

We understand that any renovation can cause disruption to your home and lifestyle so we help you through the process and make any arrangements to help make it a smooth transition.

No Job Too Small

At Donato Homes we stick by our claim that no job is too small. That means we can help with anything from paving to general maintenance of your home. We can also prepare your existing home for sale or for the rental market If you’re looking at renovating your home, or you’re unsure whether to build or renovate, make sure you contact us to discuss your plans and we’ll help you make your dreams come to reality.